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Doris Howard portrait
Doris Howard receives a certificate honoring her as a Living Legend from the Women in Military Memorial Hall of Honor, 10/4/21, during a trip provided by Wish of a Lifetime.

Doris Does DC!

First Class Trip by Wish of a Lifetime

After reading the AARP article on Doris' bravery for the duration of the war, including duty on the USS Comfort in convoy on 16 D-Day battles in the Pacific, notably the Battle of Okinawa where she was injured when a kamikaze's plane hit the surgical ward from which she was receiving post-op patients, the philanthropic group, Wish of a Lifetime, made a call and offered Doris something special of her choosing.

Many ideas were tossed around, but Doris kept coming back to a service she had heard of that took Veterans to Washington DC, but the trip of 2½ days, including travel, was not an option for her.

Wish of a Lifetime co-ordinator Jared Bloomfield offered a 6-day trip with a personalized itinerary. Doris now had her dream come true!

Wish Lead Jeremy Garver took over the planning and the trip began to take shape.

That was June 2020.

And then Covid happened.

The trip dates were planned 3 times before a window of opportunity opened for Fall, 2021. The worry that the weather might be too cool to promenade along the National Mall was soon assuaged as 80-85° highs were forecast. For Doris, who loves the desert, this couldn't have been more perfect. Son Bill got Brooks' (canine) needs settled and helped his mother get ready for her Wish of a Lifetime journey.

(Doris DC Trip Announcement)

The Journey Begins

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Wish of a Lifetime planned for the war memorials, but asked Doris what one thing would she like to do or see in Washington. Without hesitancy she opted for the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

Doris wore a bracelet her Pyramid Lake Paiute friend, Ivy Wright-Bryan, made for "Little Mama" years before. Can be seen in the last Botanic Garden photo.

The United States Botanic Garden

Splendid weather made for a charming tour of the gardens. Doris loves warm weather and sunshine and we had it in abundance touring the exterior gardens of the Botanic Garden. The Arboretum was closed to the public due to the pandemic.

Wish of a Lifetime purchased a Pacific Northwest Native-inspired shawl/blanket at the Museum of the American Indian for Doris which she loves.

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

National Mall and Memorial Parks

National World War 2 Memorial

Women In Military Service For America Memorial, Arlington Cemetery