Adopt-A-Vet Dental Program

This much needed service helps Vets with what is increasingly known as the gateway to your health: your mouth

Adopt A Vet

Veterans' health, no matter what the VA does at the moment, simply is neither complete nor comprehensive without dental services. Studies increasingly correlate the health of the mouth with the health of the heart. And studies have long shown the health of the heart directly affects brain health.

And yet the VA provides dental for only 5% of all veterans who qualify for medical health. 5%!

The requirements for dental healthcare for veterans includes having a service-connected injury to the jaw.

My heart health is covered by the VA, but I didn't have a direct injury to my heart.

And if you want to help someone with heart health, you make sure their mouth is in tip-top shape:

  1. Gums pink and thriving
  2. No deep pockets where bacteria can collect
  3. Cavities filled
  4. Teeth extracted when necessary
  5. Bridges, implants and dentures when needed
  6. Tartar eliminated.

The VA is a very good place in so many ways, but this failing is catastrophic in my book.

Thankfully, when I needed help with more than routine work on my mouth, the Adopt-A-Vet program was there for me. I got to see a wonderful dentist, Dr. Megan Cercek, who did fantastic work for me. Now I smile with confidence and am not trying to keep my mouth shut because I was embarrassed about my teeth. My teeth look so wonderful.