World War II Army Nurse Corp Veteran Doris M. (Gardner) Howard

Contemporary portrait of 1st Lt. Doris M. Garnder in white ARMY Nurse Corps uniform.

1st Lt. Doris Gardner, RN

U. S. ARMY Nurse Corps
USS Comfort

San Pedro, California
April, 1943

Story: Aboard the USS Comfort, 1945 →

Comfort 2010

Doris Howard, RN, retired

Change of Command Ceremony
USNS Comfort

Baltimore, Maryland
July, 2010

Story: Aboard the USNS Comfort, 2010 →

handpainted nameplate

Doris's hand-painted Army Nurse Corp nameplate from 1942

Doris introduced as a special guest by Assembly Member Chris Edwards of Las Vegas

Floor of the Nevada State Assembly

Military & Veterans Day, 3/20/2019

Three days before her 99th birthday

(The "60th celebration of her 39th birthday," as Assembly Member Edwards put it)

I was excited to be at the Legislature to honor veterans on Military Day. When Assemblyman Edwards got up to speak and mentioned someone special he wanted to introduce, I looked around anxious to see who this might be. When I heard my name I was floored! I wanted to crawl under his desk! One of my hearing aids went out and I wasn't able to hear all he said, but then I was really astonished when the clapping started and I looked up and there everyone was on their feet! For me!

And then I realized that they were clapping for all the veterans of Nevada, old and young, female and male, all those who gave so selflessly to give so much to our country. I, too, thank each and every veteran and am so grateful for their service, their sacrifice and that of their families.

A big thank you to Assemblyman Edwards who was great to speak with that day and who did a wonderful job of researching my life and recounting it in a unique and humbling way.

It was wonderful to see so many people. I've never shaken so many hands in my life! A lot of people took photos with me near my biography and portrait in the lobby of the Admin building with 13 other wonderful women veterans. I was delighted to see all of them.

Here's a recap of the day in the Nevada Department of Veteran Services article,
"If It's Veterans and Military Day, It Must Be Carson City." →

Doris' First AUSA meeting. Westmoreland Chapter, Reno, 5/2019, age 99

Doris, Hanifan and Nicholson

With guest speaker Brigadier General Michael Hanifan and WW2 Vet (also in the South Pacific) Jim Nicholson, 94

Doris, Brigette, Hallie

With Brigette Strafford, AVVA 989 President and Command Sergeant Major Hallie Murphy, retired

Doris, JP Strafford

With decorated Vietnam Veteran J.P. Strafford

Doris, Xiomara Ibarra

With Senator Jackie Rosen liaison, Xiomara Ibarra

99th birthday

Doris' 99th Birthday Celebration Dinner After Cirque du Soleil

Someone was kind enough to pay for our dinner!

99th birthday

Doris' 99th Birthday Celebration Dinner After Cirque du Soleil

Doris Howard 99

More 99th birthday celebrations

Doris Howard 99

More 99th birthday celebrations

Les Gardner RIP

Saying good bye to younger brother of 12 years, Les Gardner, 10/10/18, age 98½


Doris honored with 13 other women whose life and stories were presented by the Reno VA My Life/My Story, with portraits by the photography group, in association with Reno is Artown, July 2018 (98).


Secretary of Veterans Affairs O'Rourke and Disabled American Veterans [DAV] National Commander Metcalf-Foster honoring women veterans in Reno.



At the statue of Caduceus in Sedona, Arizona, Christmas, 2017

96th birthday


Dinner at her favorite restaurant, Naan & Kabob

95th birthday

Doris Howard celebrating her 95th birthday at home, with friends and family, March 2015

newspaper photo

"Doris Howard at home in Reno, Nevada"

Photographed by Tim Dunn, Reno Gazette Journal, 7/2/2010, age 90

Reno Gazette Journal article, 7/14/2010:

Reno Nurse, 90, Recalls Kamikaze Attack on Hospital Ship, page 1. [pdf]

Reno Nurse, 90, Recalls Kamikaze Attack on Hospital Ship, page 2. [pdf]

RGJ archive [paywall].
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